Rudolphus Thorpe

Rudolphus ThorpeRudolphus journey began 15 years ago when he began searching for a hobby. Little did he know that this soul-searching journey would result in a new career, and painting would become his passion and purpose.

When Rudolphus sat in his home 15 years ago, he had no idea that he had artistic talent. With encouragement from a family member, dozens of canvases, a secret sculpture mixture, paint brushes and paint in hand, Rudolphus embarked upon a spiritual journey. It was a journey that would evolve into Rudolphus developing his own style and becoming a professional artist. Recognized by his exquisite, three-dimensional sculpture paintings, Rudolphus' passion for art and life shines though his pieces.

With his creative energy flowing, this Washington D.C. native began to create abstract pieces that immediately got the attention of family, friends, and several Washington D.C. radio personalities. Before he knew it he had earned the name "Artist Extraordinaire," and was selling paintings all over Maryland and Washington D.C. and exhibiting at galleries all over the United States. Rudolphus work has a universal appeal and art connoisseurs from all walks of life collect his three-dimensional, original sculpture paintings. He works in mixed-medium, including clay and acrylics, and lets his soul convey his thoughts through his brush onto the waiting canvas.

Rudolphus, a self-taught artist, is famous for serenading one's soul with his sculptures of simple but elegant lines, silhouettes, and elongated figures on canvas. Every painting he creates carries his unique and unmistakable trademark of sculptured figures and paint, and each one spotlights an inspiring scene that makes one appreciate the gift of life. "Before I sketch or paint, I pray. I love art. It's very relaxing. It's spiritual and it takes me to another level. Its a gift that has been instilled in me. It's my purpose in life," says Thorpe. "My work is a combination of realism and abstract combined with a touch of class. My passion for life is captured in my paintings."

He has earned a national reputation as a sculpture painter who paints pictures that "breathe life into the soul." "With each delicate stroke, I empower the viewer with a visual slice of the human spirit and capture the spirit within all of us," says Thorpe. His most popular pieces of art include his Jazz Collection, The Tango Series, The Man, Serenity, Soul Mates, Vases, Flowers, Ballerina Series, and God's Hands.

Thorpe's distinctive work has been showcased at the Philadelphia Art Expo, The Essence Festival, The Stonecrest Arts Festival, Black Heritage Show, Sankofa Art Festival, Lake Meadow Art Show, Park Forest Art Show, RAL Show, President Jimmy Carter Presidential Center, Royalty Fine Arts, Defoor Fine Arts, Morehouse School of Medicine Annual Golf Tournament, Artistic "Visions", Sylvia's of Harlem, Beyond Images Art Gallery, Art Concepts, Heritage Gallery, Starr Art Gallery, Neleh's Gallery, Tru Orlean's Restaurant D.C, Detroit's Black McDonald's Owners of America, an many other Galleries and businesses around the country. His work is in many private and public collections and adorns the walls of Flavours Jazz Restaurant. Baseball legend Hank Aaron, Smokey Robinson, Kim Coles, Bernadette Stanis, radio personality Donnie Simpson, Media Magnate Ed Gordon, Golf Legends Calvin Peete and Lee Elder, Jeanie Jones of WKYS Radio in Washington D.C., Justine Love, Big Tigger and Guy Lambert of WPGC Radio in Washington D.C., Doc Walker (Redskins) Andray Blatche (Wash. Wizards) Rock Newman and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (Bishop Eddie L. Long). Rudolphus was the feature artist for the NFL Super Bowl XL in 2005 in Jacksonville, FL. In 2006 he was the first African American artist commissioned to paint the Super Bowl 40 and NFL logos in Detroit. In 2012 Rudolphus was commissioned to create the Black History Poster for the Washington DC Lottery.

In 2007, Rudolphus was one of the featured artists for The Ebony Fashion Fair's 50th year anniversary and was featured in Jet Magazine. He has also been featured in numerous magazines which include Upscale, Homes of Color, Good News, Arts and Expressions, Paint Magazine, Atlanta Metro and People You Need to Know in Atlanta and has served as a guest on several radio talk shows.